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17th March 2017

Calatrava’s new development in Greenwich Peninsula.

Greenwich Peninsula is evolving day to day and this major development will give it a new look. which make it look like a Open Sculpture Museum in London. We have the O2, Optic Cloak, Liberty Grip, The Quantum Cloud and now Calatrava´s Glass Towers.

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

27th February 2017

Bungalow Refurbishment

XTid Associates prepared planning application and technical design for the erection of a two storey rear extension of a bungalow located in the Borough of Wokingham. Read More

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

22nd February 2017

CSCAE Spanish Architects Board

Last October, XTid Associates participated in the Spanish Architecture Board (CSCAE – Consejo Superior de Colegios de Arquitectos de España) competition to redesign the institution’s logotype. As one of the last measures of its foundation, the competition was open to all architects registered within the board, and gave the participants complete freedom to redesign its logo, as long as the original symbolic content was maintained.


XTid Associates proposed a total reformulation of the logotype, which was originally composed of the junction of the rose, the Crown, laurel and oak leaves, and the compass. The proposal kept the meaning of these symbols which together described the hardships and pleasures of the profession.

Not only gathering the original zymology, our proposal also included the 85 years of CSCAE’s history.

XTid Logo

The proposal presented illustrates the petals of the rose, symbolizing the image of the crown, which represents the continuous development of the profession and the endless process of learning. The meaning behind the leaves were now represented by the curvature of the six Fibonacci spirals, made by the compass, and achieved by the overlapping of the colleges’ map, which through their progress highlight the existing twenty-seven colleges that today form the greatness of CSCAE.

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

15th February 2017

Planning granted for a new dwelling in Reigate

XTid Associates got planning permission granted for the design of a single storey one bedroom dwelling located in the Borough of Reigate and Banstead.

The plot is located within the small settlement area of Burgh Heath. It adjoins the Metropolitan Green Belt and (AGLV) Area of Great Landscape Value. The site amounts approximately 157 m2. The existing construction is with 3 internal partitions.

The existing construction is out of character with neighbouring properties. Unpainted concrete walls and unfinished roof.


XTid designed within the footprint of the current garage a one bedroom single storey house with a kitchen-dinning room and a shower room. An open plan kitchen-dining has been designed to the rear of the property with views to the Green Belt. There is a 4 leaf patio door allowing the connection of the dwelling with such green area. This configuration brings light and natural ventilation from East to West, from the rear façade to the main.

Architect: XTid Associates.
Loctation: Burgh Heath, Reigate & Banstead
Client: Private.
Gross Area: 43,7 m2
Budget: N/A
Scope of Works: Planning Application

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

14th February 2017

Smart Breakfast Bar

Homify Magazine has shortlisted XTid Associates design among 8 best ideas for a kitchen, which can save space and money.

To design a fully multi-functional kitchen can be more difficult than we think. Sometimes there is only one or two people having meal at home; and incorporating a small folding dining table will give you the comfort and relief you need for those little moments.


Homify XTid Associates

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

18th January 2017

Christmas Competition 2016

XTid Associates has launched for the second consecutive year the Christmas Card Competition 2016 among the students of 4 ESO Cañada Blanch Institute.

XTid Associates explained to the students the Competition rules during a session at the school.

Any design technique could be used to design their Christmas Cards, such as computer graphic, drawing, picture, crayons, charcoal, photo collage, photomontage.

The students had until 30th November 2016 to send to XTid Associates their Christmas Cards, so they could be part of the popular voting.

All the cards were uploaded at XTid Associates website, and the public votes lasted until 7th December 2016. The first 5 cards with the highest number of votes entered to the Final Competition, which received a price and diploma for their participation, and XTid Associates selected Ainoa de los Dolores Gomez as the Winner Card, who received the price of a Digital Tablet and diploma as the Winner of the Christmas Card Competition 2016.

On the 14th December 2016 XTid Associates had a presentation along with the students in the School, where the 5 finalist cards designs were analysed.

Foto de Grupo Foto XTid Associates Team

On the 19th December 2016 XTid Associates discovered the winner during the yearly event of Vicente Cañada Blanch Awards with the presence of the Spanish Ambassador in London.

Winner Winner

The design of the winner stands out for its originality when translate the Christmas tree as a house layout with the entrance on the bottom, where the doors are the base of the trunk. The central axis of the Christmas tree distributes the rooms to both sides and to the end. The integration of Architecture and the Christmas festivity is clearly defined in this combination: Christmas tree/House layout.

We are very happy of the art, design and technology knowledge displayed in the contest and very grateful that students of 4ESO have shared it with such enthusiasm with XTid Associates. We are an architectural firm, which our only pretension is to help young people to discover architecture and engineering.


XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

18th January 2017

Erection of a two storey rear extension to a Bungalow


XTid Associates prepared planning application and technical design for the erection of a two storey rear extension of a bungalow located in the Borough of Wokingham.

The previous layout, in a very poor state, was a 3 bedroom detached property. The ground floor is a 2 bedrooms, living room, utility room, kitchen and bathroom space and the top floor complies 1 bedroom, a study and storage area under eaves.


XTid designed the double storey rear extension to get a open plan kitchen with huge sliding doors to improve the feeling of the garden melting into the house. This configuration allows light and air flow from south to north façade, from the garden to the main entrance via the central line of the house.

  kitchen1   kitchen2

Following the concept of natural light and ventilation proposed for the whole project, the living room and the ground floor bedroom are gifted by two skylight which allow natural light directly from the roof.

First floor brief was in a more familiar line, but also followed the idea of providing natural light an ventilation where possible. The first floor benefits of three double bedrooms with dressing rooms, a family bathroom and shower room.

  Bed 2    Bed 1

Tip of the Project: The master bedroom is facing the 700sqm plot rear garden. To improve the master bedroom environment, XTid proposed a skylight to create a balcony adding air, light and great view to the garden.

  Balcony outside view   Balcony inside view

Architect: XTid Associates.
Loctation: Crowthorne, Wokingham.
Client: Private.
Gross Area: 221.08 m2
Budget: £300m
Scope of Works: Concept Design| Planning | Technical Design| Structural Report

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

17th January 2017


XTid is a well established multi-disciplinary practice providing Architectural, Consultancy and Site services.

As XTid Residential our team had designed a series of bespoke furniture, which you have the opportunity to  purchase in this webpage: XTidAssociates.Shop for everyone who fancies DIY. We will deliver specifications and drawings to easy assemble the piece of furniture shown.