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15th May 2017

The annual Science Week at the Canada Blanch Institute in Portobello

The annual Science Week at the Canada Blanch Institute in Portobello, began in the previous 8th of May – XTid Associates participated in the event, organising workshops for the students of 3 ESO and 5 A primary: ‘Designing the ideal House’ and ‘The Eco House’, respectively.


Designing the ideal House

XTid Associates gave an introductory presentation regarding the minimum requirements for the distribution of spaces, including the proper location of wet rooms. Following the brief explanation about architecture and engineering, the students of 3 ESO were divided into groups of 2 and applied the concepts they learnt.



A few projects were selected and the designers were invited to present and explain their concepts to the rest of the class, who analysed the advantages and disadvantages of the presented solutions. In the end, we all agreed that in architecture there are many differents solutions to the same situation.

Scan 13 Scan 11

The Eco House

Student’s of 5 A primary had a more interactive workshop regarding renewable energy. The workshop began with a brief presentation of PV and thermal panels, grey and rain water harvesting, and eolic energy. Whilst designing a Green city, each student was responsible for assembling their own building and including these renewable energies in their constructions.



The fun didactic afternoon resulted in the 1:100 model of 5 A primaria’s Green city. The maquete is available to view in the main entrance of the school.




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