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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

14th December 2016

Open Day – Master of Architecture Course

On the last 30th of November, Westminster University held their information evening to all prospective students of the Master of Architecture course.


For maximum attendance, the presentation was set for 6pm in order to not intrude with applicant’s working hours, as prospective students are expected to have a work experience.

The presentation of the course was succinct and to the point, and applicants were given printed documents of all that was discussed for later analysis. Two students, from each year presented their work and the extracurricular activities available.

A tour of the facilities followed the very vague Q&A. The newly refurbished spaces were astonishing and the wood workshop space, besides been spacious was extraordinary. The fabrication lab also has two impressive robotic arms, but as we were told, only this coming year will someone who actually knows how to use them be employed. The university also has a laser cutting room and a metal workshop.


Westminster’s reputation pursues it, and I am not sure if it was because of the vague answers and the robotic arm comment, but it made me wonder if this university was just another big name. What are your opinions?

                                                                     Iara Silva

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

12th December 2016

After a voting period of one week, we can just say THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS. We had a participation of over a hundred people.

4 ESO Students of Instituto Vicente Cañada Blanch in Portobello must be very proud of their work.

Next December 14th XTid Associates will analyse along with the participants the cards designs in a presentation of the finalist works.

Next 19th December XTid Associates will discover the winner during the yearly event of Vicente Cañada Blanch Awards with the presence of the Spanish Ambassador.

We are very happy about the art, design and technology knowledge displayed in the contest and very grateful that the students of 4ESO have shared it with such enthusiasm with XTid Associates. We are an architectural firm, which our only pretension is to help these young people to discover architecture and engineering and, who knows in a few years to witness of a new Santiago Calatrava or Zaha Hadid.

Thank you and here are the five finalist selected by you. Good luck to the finalists.

[01] 1

[02] 2

[03] 3

[12] 12

[19] tom-staples-castello