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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

30th November 2016

XTid Associates has launched for the second consecutive year a Christmas Card Competition 2016 among the students of 4 ESO Cañada Blanch Institute trying to integrate an aspect of Architecture or Engineering into Christmas. Which ever card you think it deserves to win, please, make a comment and vote for that card. Only one vote per person is allowed. The 5 cards with the highest score will be published on 12th December and XTid Associates will select winner from the finalists to be the Christmas Card 2016.

The winner will receive a Digital Tablet as a gift.


ainoa-de-los-dolores     alexandra-hutchison-y-cristina-ballesteros

                              1                                                                       2


eloy-luque      emilia-sanchez

                            3                                                                          4


joan-camos      joseph-florentino

                          5                                                                          6


laura-roman     lucio-hermans

                            7                                                                                 8


maite-arjona      phoebe-jimenez

                           9                                                                              10


samuel-andon-1     sara-cantallos

                                11                                                                         12


diego-tortajada      nicole-heredia

                             13                                                                           14


eva-carrillo-y-andrea-toja     lucas-pregigueiro    paul-fernando

                            15                                                 16                                              17


sara-soliman      tom-staples-castello

                                18                                                                        19


XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

30th November 2016

Architectural Exhibition at The Palace of the Condestable, Pamplona


Every three years the Basque-Navarre architect registration board (COAVN) celebrates projects, from the 4 delegations belonging to the COAVN, from the fields of architecture, refurbishment urban and interior design, with the best design award.

In this edition, the juries have to choose from 121 design projects.

The exhibition of the works in the delegations of Vizcaya, Guipuzcua and Alava have terminated, but the one in Navarra is still taking place on the second floor of the Palaceo the Condestable.

This renaissance building, located in the junction of the roads Mayor and Jarauta, hosts the 30 winning and finalist projects. The entrance is free and until the 1st December.

img_1443   img_1448   img_1449

To better understand the origin of the palace, we need to go back to 1548, when Luis de Beaumont, Condestable of Navarra, bought four semidetached houses to extend his property, which was situated at the corner of Mayor road, The title of Condestable of Navarra was originated from the third of XV century. This title was used to designate nobles who were able to bear the Royal Banner. Throughout its history, the property served the city of Pamplona as an Episcopal headquarters and as a sort of Council office. In the XXI Century, after huge refurbishment works, the palace opened its doors to the local residents as a civic centre. The refurbishment returned the building, its original appearance.

In past 15th of November, the 2016 edition winners were announced, being 7 projects owned by Navarra firms.

Among the participants, we would like to highlight the refurbishment done in a building between two properties, on Nueva road, in the historical centre of Pamplona. On the account that refurbishment solutions are already complicated to achieve, we would like to congratulate Alfonso Alzugaray Los Arcos and Carlos Urzainqui Dominguez for successfully accomplishing an attractive design that plays with its constraints, which is always difficult to do.


The Architect managed to obtain more natural light for the dark central part of the building by combining a light structural design for the staircase with a skylight that bathes the steps through its glassy landing floors, which become permeable to light.

The layout brilliantly overcomes the complications that a narrow house carries.

Under our point of view we believe this is one of the best projects. If you have the opportunity to visit exhibition in Pamplona, I would recommend you to carefully analyse the details of this amazing project.

                                                          Anne Gomez/Jose Aizcorbe

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

21st November 2016


XTid is a well established multi-disciplinary practice providing Architectural, Consultancy and Site services.

As XTid Residential our team had designed a series of bespoke furniture, which you have the opportunity to  purchase in this webpage: XTidAssociates.Shop for everyone who fancies DIY. We will deliver specifications and drawings to easy assemble the piece of furniture shown.

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

21st November 2016



The Spanish School Cañada Blanch is participating, for the second consecutive year, in XTid Associates Christmas Card Competition 2016.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the competition and how to take part in the voting.

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

18th November 2016

Antony Gormley – FIT

Gormley is a highly acclaimed British sculptor, winner of the 1994 Turner Prize and well known for his use of the human body as his subjects.

The FIT exhibition comes as a succession to the MODEL exhibition, presented four years prior in the same gallery, which revolved around the relationship of the viewer with the built environment, manipulated spaces and displacement. FIT, however, presented the question of what determines inclusion or exclusion from the built or natural environment.


Confronted with dramatic sculptures, the viewer is welcomed to 15 chambers in which the work is displayed. The first room sets the tone for the exhibition: perception – the vertical sculpture of intersecting lines, would become more condensed as the viewer rotated around it.

Most chambers provoked the sensation of inclusion or exclusion, as intended by the artist. The sleeping Field, 500 iron sculptures of a condensed landscape of sleeping people, described by some as representing desperation, did not make me feel excluded nor included but as an almighty being, overlooking everything.

20161104_1331450    20161104_133157

However, the feeling of power and control did not last long and was soon crushed by the following chamber, suddenly I would feel ostracized by the large iron or concrete blocks that would either form humanoid or brutalist sculptures.

Throughout the maze the viewer would shift from feeling exalted to feeling belittled, to feeling confused by what was presented, until the Passage was reached. The 12 meter-long tunnel, modelled after the human form, invited the viewer into a journey into the unknown and sensory deprivation – complete relaxation if the viewer was not filled with the fear of tripping or crashing into the end wall.

20161104_134437    20161104_134611

If you had not read the program before entering, like I conveniently forgot to do so, you would have most likely have perceived the exhibition as a simple celebration of materials and geometric shapes, but as soon as you became aware of the artist’s intentions, you would re-examine your visit and attribute the aforementioned sensations to each room. Making me wonder how much an artist’s written intentions dictates the visitor’s experience, how much improves it and how much tarnishes it.


 XTid Location                                              Iara Silva/ Anne Gómez

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

7th November 2016

Loft Conversion and dwelling remodelling


XTid Associates prepared technical design for the Loft Conversion and first floor refurbishment of a dwelling located in the Borough of Wandsworth. XTid Associates had the opportunity, as well, to held architect on site and contract administration duties for this maisonette remodel during construction.

The previous layout was a two double bedroom, one shower room and a kitchen dining. The place had lack of light and low level of thermal and sound insulation. The new layout comprises a kitchen dining, three bedrooms, one of those in en-suite, two shower rooms and a living room.

dscn6600 dscn6667

XTid designed technical specification in order to achieve an EPC rating A, introducing EPC rating A windows, sound proofing floors, thermal insulation on the perimeter walls and roof, LED lighting and lighting control with PIR in the stairs. The property also benefits of central heating and skirting radiators in the loft.

The kitchen/dining has been moved to the loft to have a brighten space. Two huge electrical skylights of 2000x1000mm provide natural light to both areas. Skylights have rain sensor that closes automatically.

untitled-1-copy   dscn6664

Tip of the project: The spare areas left in the new section of the stairs were utilised to accommodate the services.

1   2

Architect: XTid Associates.
Loctation: Wandsworth, London.
Client: Private.
Gross Area: 160 m2
Budget: £205m
Scope of Works: Concept Design|Planning|Technical Design|Structural Report|Contract Administrator