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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

18th October 2016

As every year in September, the London Design Festival is live. The event gathers multitude of individuals, companies, organisations and nations to showcase their latest developments.

There are a wide range of different creations from office supplies, lamps, furniture to buildings.

Keybridge SW8


XTid Associates were invited to the launch of Keybridge building in the area of Vauxhall, London. One of the tallest buildings in brick façade emulating the history of architecture in London.

This building was designed by award-winning architects Allies and Morrison, development includes 8 floors and 37 floors Keybridge House Keybridge Lofts.

Case Furniture showcases Architect’s Contemporary visions for London


This exhibition examines how Architecture Practices impact in modern opportunities to rebuild the city.
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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

18th October 2016

The RIBA award winning buildings of the year are available to enjoy from inside this annual appointment coordinated with the design Architects will reveal stories and their design inspirations.

XTid Associates joined the talk and tour with the principal architect of the firm which designed High School Graveney in an event held at Graveney’s facilities and discovered stories and the ideas that inspired the construction of this uncommon building.

Graveney School


This new building is enclosed in a site surrounded by listed buildings of a traditional style, which makes a great contrast with the proposed design.

The project constitutes a good example of how the implication of the architect can achieve a conformable, sustainable and spacious place for students and teachers within a very limited budget

The client´s commitment and confidence with the architect allowed to seek solutions in a positive way. The result was a building which responded to the end users demand in connection without compromising design.

This cross laminated timber structure and translucent façade building is even more impressive at night while the internal illumination flows through the double skin polycarbonate. During the day the flow reverses granting the classrooms and communal areas with generous amounts of natural light.

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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

10th October 2016

Conversion of an Outbuilding into a Gym in Wandsworth


XTid Associates prepared planning application under permitted development rights and technical design for the conversion of an existing outbuilding in parallel to the rear elevation of the main house into a small gym for the family for a dwelling located in the Borough of Wandsworth.

XTid Associates had the opportunity, as well, to held architect on site and contract administration duties for this development during construction.

The previous layout was a single area, in a very poor state which needed to be demolished for security reasons.


XTid designed a raft foundation and a retaining wall in order to give a robust construction to the unevenness terrain with adjacent plots.

In the interior, the place is also granted with a spacious storage room and a WC. Light Oak engineering wood was selected to enhance the gym area.

Tip of the Project: A new small timber structure will form a 1200mm deep Pergola to give access to the gym from the garden and , ideal for framing an ornament. The pergola was built against the wall to shade a future seating area.

img_0211  img_0184

Location: Wandsworth, London
Client: Private
Gross Area: 40m2
Budget: £38m
Scope of Works: Concept Design| Planning | Technical Design| Structural Report | Contract Administrator