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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

30th November 2015

Christmas Card Competition

XTid Associates has launched a Christmas Card Competition for this year 2015 among the students of 4ESO Instituto Cañada Blanch trying to integrate an aspect of Architecture or Engineering into Christmas. Which ever card you think it deserves to win, please, make a comment and vote for this card. Only one vote per person is allowed. The 5 cards with the highest score will be published on 7th December and XTid Associates will select winner from the finalists to be the Christmas Card 2015.

This year the winner will receive a 3D Pen as a gift.

Ulysses Blacio1 Aina Cuart 2 4º A2
Vicente Manzano 4ºB3 Aina Cuart 4º A4
Alex Constantin5 Andrea Roses 4ºB6
Claudia Gómez 4ºB7 Elena Caridad 4ºA8
Francésc Jaume 4ºA9 Karim Acharki 4ºA10
Lucía Serrat 4ºB11 Luis Wang 4ºB12
Nicole Hurdisson 4ºB13 Adriana Ibale 4ºA14
María Gutiérrez 4ºB15 Salvador Iglesias 4ºB16
Ruth Guillén 4ºB     17 Samuel Barreto 4ºB     18
Paula Bolivar 4º      19 Sofia de la Cruz 4ºA     20
Carme Escrivá 4ºB21 Isabela Lawiki 4ºA22
Nicole Berry 4º B23 Silvia Vidal 4ºA24
Adriana Yunda 4ºB25 Andreas Wheelan 4ºB 26
Ariana Canosa 4ºB27 Zoe Rubio 4º B28





XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

24th November 2015

3D Pen

Why limiting our imagination to be dimensional when we are living in a 3D world? Leave your imagination fly and make awesome creations!!

Link to video

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.43.53 Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 13.47.56

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

3rd November 2015

 Public Transport Vs Private Transport

Here is an example of the way we live and how we can contribute to the world to be a better place to live in. If the majority of people are using private transport, it does not matter how big roads are, they will always be collapsed. It does not mean that we should not be using private transport; it means that it would be a good exercise that before traveling somewhere we check if it is achievable going by public transport in order to build a better world.

Click on the image to see how all of us can improve our world