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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

27th October 2015

XTid at 56th International Art Exhibition-Biennale di Venezia

Architecture is not always constructing buildings it is also an art of transfer emotions to people. Having that concept in mind XTid visited Venezia a couple of weeks ago; to experience architecture as an art and feel the emotion and romanticism that embraces the city. The art of polishing and bringing out the shiniest part of a rough stone or the loyalty to transform a bubble of melted silica to a magnificent piece of lamp fixture makes this place so attractive.


Almost every person in the world knows something about Venezia, there is not much new we could add; Palazzo Ducale, Piazza San Marco and many, many other things and places, however XTid got fascinated by RECYCLE GROUP CONVERSION, a new way of using recycling materials, polycarbonate, fabrics, or timber and turning them into art. The artist was inspired in the influence of social media in our lives; it is, on the artist words “the life of a modern man as it is in the age of the world web and new gadgets”.

DSCN5755  DSCN5757  DSCN5756 DSCN5759  DSCN5752

The curious way of presenting a piece of timber where common icons are hidden but could be easily recognised or the confusing facebook icon material piece of stone that was actually polycarbonate with stone texture, makes this exhibition great.

DSCN5758  DSCN5761

The exhibition will be live up to November 22nd, 2015, so if you have the chance to make it, it is recommend visiting it.

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

26th October 2015



Once again we are proud to be part of XTid Associates

XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

3rd October 2015

Free Mobile Charger!!


It’s a portable socket that’s powered by the sun rather than the electricity grid. Just stick it onto a window instead of plugging it into a wall. IT’S AWESOME!!!

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