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XTid Associates Architects & Consultants

10th April 2017


Thank you very much, we keep in contact to continue with the project. We have asked for quotes to several companies and definitively chosen you has been the best option. Especially the way you have managed this very singular area.

Paco (RBKC)


“I am very happy with XTid Associates services, level of commitment and work ethic to your clients. I can confirm I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of your consultation from concept and project design on to full management. I can confirm that I have been so happy with your services that I will be proceeding with our third project together. I don’t know how I could confidently manage now without XTid Associates.”

Kim (Wandsworth)


“The architect was a dynamic person introducing innovative techniques into the construction of our house. Attentive and responsible during the whole design and construction process. The project was very good defined, so we did not have any unexpected extras.”


Miriam & Victor From Zaragoza


“Thank you for submitting planning . I am extremely happy for the services provided by XTid.”

Shikha from Merton